Paige Spiranac Is Dealing With The Blistering Arizona Heat Like A True Champ, In A Bikini

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You know how we reported on Tuesday that it is so hot in Arizona that planes can’t even take off? Temperatures down there have hit the 120s in some places. How people can live in a place that gets so hot is a mystery to me, but it’s the home of our favorite golfer on the planet, Paige Spiranac and she seems to be handling it quite well.

Now, I have spent a decent amount of time in Arizona and let me tell you, that heat is no joke. There’s a reason so many people own pools down there. Problem is, sometimes it’s so hot that even taking a dip in the pool doesn’t cool you off.

That apparently isn’t a concern for Spiranac, however, as she celebrated the first official day of summer with this photo and caption, “Happy first day of summer!☀️ It’s only 117 degrees here in AZ…but it’s a dry heat😂.”

It’s a dry heat…that’s what everyone down there says. Dry or not, 120 is 120, so hard pass on visiting that state any time in the near future.

Instead I think I will just sit here in the comfort of my cool office and live vicariously through Spiranac’s Arizona adventures. Join me, won’t you? It has been since Christmas since we last checked in on her, after all.

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