Watch Our Favorite SDSU Golf Hottie Paige Spiranac Shake Her Perfect Booty Before Drilling A Tee Shot

by 3 years ago

She’s just toying with us at this point, right? She knows we can’t live without her since she hit our radar last month, so now she’s just giving the boys a little something to chew on before she drills a 300-yard drive dead center and makes every straight man in America drool on his keyboard. See how the wiggle has become more dramatic in just three weeks? See how she’s playing up for the camera? She’s doing it for US, bros. For you and me. And I can speak for myself when I say that that’s all I need in my spank bank tonight.

I like it a little left to right

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I give it two weeks before she starts twerking before putts. Stay tuned.

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