Paris Hilton Wants You To Stare At Her Giant Breast Implants Because Why Else Would She Have Posted This Instagram?

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We’ve speculated before about whether or not Paris Hilton has had a boob job, but in case you need a refresher, here’s Paris from 3 months ago:

And just for the sake of being thorough, here’s Paris from Halloween:

#Bunny 🐰

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Did you see her boobs (that was the point in me putting those pictures there, you were supposed to inspect the boobies) there? Notice how they’re pretty…regular. Now look at this shit, and by “shit” I mean “Holy shit those knockers are HUGE”:

#GlamTime 💅

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And because we’re a very, very scientific publication, here’s a side-to-side view:



Yeah, dem titties have more silicone in them than…something with silicone in them. I don’t know, I’m a blogger not a goddamn scientist.

[Images via Instagram]

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