Paulina Gretzky And Dustin Johnson Seem To Be Really Enjoying Their Tropical Vacation

by 10 months ago

Today I realized that I am faced with a conundrum. Am I more envious of Chris Hemsworth, Rickie Fowler or Dustin Johnson?

On one hand, Hemsworth is a freaking Avenger, he’s Thor for cripes’ sake. Bro can also surf and has an awesome wife.

Then there’s Rickie Fowler. He’s a badass professional golfer, owns a ridiculous home, and he too has himself one hell of a woman in his life.

And then there’s DJ. Another guy who not only plays golf for a living, he’s really damn good it. So he too is loaded with cash and, as we all know very well, he’s engaged to the daughter of “The Great One” Paulina Gretzky.

In fact, the two of them are, as I mentioned in the headline, currently on vacation somewhere warm. Here’s proof…

my one & only 🇧🇸

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Don’t they look happy together?

Paulina’s best friend named Kristina Melnichenko is also apparently down there with them because she shared this pic of herself with her BFF…

That's my best friend✋🏾 @paulinagretzky

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