Disney Star Peyton List Did A New Photo Shoot That’s Not Exactly What You’d Call Kid-Friendly

Peyton List, 19, has been a Disney Channel mainstay ever since she first appeared on the kids show Jessie with Debby Ryan back in 2011. In fact, not only was she on that show for four seasons, she’s also appeared on other Disney Channel shows like Austin & Ally, I Didn’t Do It and K.C. Undercover.

Now she stars on a Jessie spin-off called Bunk’d that was just renewed for a third season by Disney Channel on August 31st.

I assume that means that she will be back on the show, though I cannot be certain of that because based on this latest photo shoot along with the another very provocative shoot she did back in July List doesn’t seem to be doing things that one might consider appropriate for Disney Channel’s target audience.

Then again, what do I know. They’re Disney and I’m, well, not. Regardless of whether or not she returns is really of no concern to me I suppose. These new photos though? That’s a different story.



For some reason List was also in Architectural Digest recently.

Hmmm… Architectural Digest sure has changed since I last checked it out…

H/T Crave