PHOTOS: Sexy Italian Actress Violante Placido is the Only Highlight of George Clooney’s ‘American’

by 10 years ago

Thinking about seeing the new George Clooney flick, “The American”? Let me save you $13 and two of the most numbingly boring hours you'd spend a movie theater all year and share with you the only real highlight of the film: the gorgeous Violante Placido. This sexy Italian bird plays a prostitute who Clooney bangs repeatedly (he tips well) before falling in love with her, all the while preparing for his last assignment as a hired assassin in a tiny Italian village. And, oh yeah, he thinks she might be out to kill him. I know it sounds interesting, but it's really not. The film is nicely shot (although it's Italy, it's not that hard) and Clooney plays the George Clooney-as-assassin role pretty much by the numbers. But the action that's in the 2:30 trailer is the only action in the entire nearly two-hour movie. As a friend of mine asked as we walked out of the theater last night, “Was that the sequel to 'Watching Paint Dry'?”

But back to the issue at hand: the beautiful Violante Placido, who gets very nekked throughout the movie (ah, Europe, gotta love it). Check out a full gallery of her sexiest photos after the jump.



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