If You Haven’t Heard Of Pia Muehlenbeck Yet, You’re Doing It All Wrong

by 5 years ago


I’ll just go ahead and start off by apologizing to all you bros for holding onto the ravishing Pia Muehlenbeck for myself.

One of the sexiest girls that my green eyes have ever seen in my lifetime, I may or may not have wanted to let you in on the little secret—she’s really, really, hot.

In addition to her amazing looks, Pia is also a successful entrepreneur, meaning that she’s just as smart as she is sexy, starting the luxury sportswear label SLINKII for ladies to feel good while looking good.

Look, if there are more ladies running around in tight pants and little sports bras, I’m all for it—especially if they can, somehow, remotely resemble my new crush, Pia Muehlenbeck.

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Beach days ☀️ wearing @jaymesswimwear 💕

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