These SPECTACULAR Pics Of The Voluptuous Antje Utgaard Will Absolutely Turn Your Frown Upside Down

by 2 years ago

When we last left the amazing Antje Utgaard she was skinny dipping for Playboy.

And since then the bodacious beauty has been doing big things like going to the beach.

The diet of a model looks horrible, they’re forced to eat their own hair.

Nice flower thingy.

I should have gone to the beach with the astounding Antje.

I take a lot of flights, but never once have I ever sat next to a beauty a quarter of exquisite as Antje. I’m always sitting next to some 360-pound printer cartridge salesman from Sandusky, Ohio spilling onto my seat that has halitosis and brought a liverwurst, mayo, onion hoagie on the flight.

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