Here’s 25 Pics Of That Smoking Hot Girl From The Prank Video And WOW! She Gets Naked Quite Often

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Earlier today we brought you the Sophie’s Choice of pranks. A ridiculously hot and pantyless woman flirted hard with a man, the one problem was that the smoking hot chick was his bro’s girlfriend. Somehow the dude fought off the temptation of all temptations and didn’t try to bang his boy’s broad when she was making advances towards him. We tracked down that girl from the video and wow! That guy who had enough self-control to reject her flirting is a motherfucking saint or blind!!!

The beautiful model from the prank video is Jessica Rose and she is truly stunning.

The go to pose💁🏽 photo by @milianeyes 💋❤️

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Do you think that poor dude would have gotten the hint if she wore these “Fuck me” boots.

Double your pleasure with the extraordinary Jessica Rose.

#tbt with @imruhul 👏🏽

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