Playboy Playmate Raquel Gibson Definitely Won ‘Sexiest Santa Of 2014’

Our friends over at Bikini Team never let a big holiday pass without shooting some sexy photos and videos of one of our favorite models.

Fourth of July? Check. St. Patrick’s Day? You know it! Easter? Of course! Hell, they even did one photo shoot with bodypaint just for the World Cup.

So it’s really no surprise that they grabbed one-time Playboy Playmate, Miss November if you’re scoring at home, Raquel Gibson to dress up as the sexiest Santa of the season.

I said last year when they did a photo shoot with Raquel that she looks even sexier now than she did when she was a Playboy Playmate and one year later that assessment still holds true. Mercy…

Of course our pals over at Bikini Team also shot some great pics in addition to this video, which we highly recommend you check out right here.