There’s A New #1 In Porn And After Last Weekend You Might Not Be Surprised At All By This News

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If you were following the news at all this weekend then you might’ve noticed that it was COMPLETELY dominated by Pokémon Go stories. Just to name off a few, there was the was Pokémon Go-inspired robbery, the revelation that Google’s 2014 April Fool’s Day prank actually predicted Pokémon Go, and of course there was the dude that was about to get laid until a Pokemon got in the way.

Every time I opened Twitter I saw tweets about Pokémon Go, and the same thing goes for Facebook, only on FB was a mixture of ‘I’m addicted to Pokémon Go!’ and ‘Get these young kids off of my goddamn lawn!!!’…It doesn’t stop there though, apparently the rise in Pokémon Go has been so popular that it’s actually spiked to the #1 search term in Porn, at least on, one of the web’s largest adult video website.

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via Xhamster:

Pokemon Porn Searches Reach #1 on
As the number of users of Pokemon Go surges, Rule 34 has taken full effect with porn searches on porn giant xHamster taking a strange and unexpected turn.
The porn site which boasts 10’s of millions of hits a day and holds an alexa rating higher than Dropbox, and BBC has been inundated with Pokemon porn searches.
“In the last 5 days we have seen a giant shift in porn searches. Our top searches which usually consist of ‘MILF’, ‘Teen’ and ‘Interracial’ have been replaced with ‘Pokemon’ ‘Pikachu’ ‘Hentai’ and ‘Anime’. Anime has become our #1 accessed genre over the weekend with the booming popularity of Pokemon Go” said Alex Hawkins, Spokesman for
The search trends are unprecedented and something apparently xHamster has never seen before.
“For one niche category to take over a site as large as our is unbelievable,” added Hawkins. “Our content licensing team is currently in emergency negotiations to acquire as much anime content as possible in the next week to keep up with the increasing demand.

I guess I’ve never considered the existence of Pokémon-related porn until today. I’ve always been a firm believer in Rule 34, the rule that states that there exists a porn clip or genre for anything you can think of in the world, but I’ve never played Pokémon until the release of Pokémon Go, and even with this game I stopped playing after about 90 seconds. I’m not going to kill my phone’s battery by keeping an app/game open at all times, one that I don’t have an attachment to in the first place. When it comes to Pokémon I’m definitely on the Jack Donaghy spectrum in terms of how much I know or care about Pokémon:

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