Pornhub Just Dropped The Greatest Christmas TV Commercial Of 2015, The One Everyone Will Be Talking About

by 3 years ago


This holiday season you should give the gift that people want: Pornhub Premium. Nobody wants a fruit cake. Cologne is a personal choice, something a man should buy for himself. Those rollerblades you’re planning on buying off of eBay aren’t nearly as ironic and quirky as you think they are, they’re just lame as fuck. You know what’s not lame? An HD on-demand service for the greatest collection of pornography the world has ever seen. To get the word out on the best gift of the holiday season Pornhub just launched their holiday TV commercial promoting the ‘Pornhub Premium Gifting Service’. This is the best TV commercial of Christmas 2015:

This exquisite TV spot was launched alongside a press release explaining it (just $9.99/3months)

Today, Pornhub, the premier online destination for adult entertainment, announced the launch of its Pornhub Premium Gifting Service for the upcoming holiday season. In the wake of overwhelming user response since going live this past August, the new gifting service is available to be used by all, regardless of current membership status. The high-definition on-demand streaming platform has already amassed 500,000 signups and counting since its late summer unveiling. In conjunction with the launch of the Gifting Service, Pornhub released a television advertisement to promote this new way of spreading love to friends and family. The virtual gift cards are customizable and are redeemable with a special promotional code.
Recipients of Pornhub Premium will be given the chance to enjoy a multitude of the service’s benefits, including: ad-free content, faster playback and higher quality streaming on the millions of videos currently on available on Pornhub, as well as the largest collection of exclusive full length HD adult titles available in crisp 1080p resolution. Upon purchase of the Pornhub Premium gift card, available now at , users will be able to either print their newly minted present for giving, or choose to send it to the lucky recipient via email either same day or at a future date of their choosing.
“With the holidays upon us, we wanted to provide our community with the opportunity to give the most touching gift of all to their loved ones. In a business where size really does matter, we have seen tremendous growth in Premium activations since launch,” said Corey Price, Vice President, Pornhub. “We thought that sharing joy with family and friends in the form of a Premium Gift Card would make for the perfect stocking stuffer and is sure to bring lots of holiday cheer.”

You can buy the Pornhub Premium Gift Cards by going to and ordering yours today. Hell, you should order a handful and give them to everyone you know. Even if you don’t watch porn wouldn’t it be nice to know that you at least have access to the greatest library of smut the world has ever known? The ‘Library of Alexandria’ equivalent of adult video?!? The gifting service is $9.99 for 3 months of premium service.

Do the right thing this year, give the gift that people want to receive. For more on this you can CLICK ON OVER to Pornhub’s Twitter where you’ll be able to find more information.

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