Today Pornhub Launched ‘Described Video’ For The Visually Impaired, Because Everyone Deserves Some BBC BDSM

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Today the largest adult video site in the world, Pornhub, has launched a new vertical of ‘Described Video’ for the visually impaired. This is part of the Pornhub Cares initiative, and it’s part of a larger campaign to understand not only how they can better serve the visually impaired but to also ensure that Pornhub content is accessible to everyone.

The ‘Described Video’ announcement from Pornhub came with a 100% SFW video as well as a press release, both of which you can see below:

Here’s that Pornhub Cares press release:

NEW YORK, N.Y. (June 15, 2016) – Pornhub, the premier online destination for adult entertainment, announced today the public launch of its Described Video category, which features audio descriptions of the site’s top performing videos geared toward the visually impaired. The inaugural collection of 50 enhanced-audio videos stems from the site’s top viewed straight, female-friendly, gay, bi and transsexual videos, and features voiceovers done by both professional voice actors as well as Pornhub Aria, Pornhubs’s social media personality.

“At Pornhub, it’s our goal to service all of our users’ needs, which begins with making content accessible to every individual. By integrating an audio-focused series, we can now ensure that we supply content specifically for those who are visually impaired,” said Corey Price, Vice President, Pornhub. “We encourage our users to check out our newest category and provide feedback based on their experience—with programs like this, we hope to open the door and inspire our community members, content partners and other platforms to create more content with the differently-abled user in mind.”

Essentially, the Described Video campaign seeks to help institute a larger dialogue within Pornhub’s community with regards to how the site can not only better serve the visually impaired, but to also understand how to make the site accessible to all. Each video includes special narration that has been tailored and crafted to give the user full enjoyment of the scene and includes descriptions of the models, their actions, position changes, outfits, and settings—the original audio remains intact but will act as an underscore to the scene.

Due to the nature of these videos being hardcore pornography I cannot link to them directly, but if you’re looking to find them yourself you can visit wwdotPornhubdotcom/described-video and you’ll find this new selection for the visually impaired. And feel free to share this news with anyone you know who might be into this!

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