Meet Roberta Mancino, A Model Who Is About As Badass As She Is Sexy

by 4 years ago

Have you guys ever seen a chick who, just looking at her, you can tell that she’s probably just way too cool for you to even approach? No? Well, maybe I’m just a giant wussy, but I certainly have.

One of those ladies who might make you feel that way—as well as really happy when looking at her—is this rockin’ hot model named Roberta Mancino, who has, arguably, the best life of anyone I’ve ever heard of.

Not only is Roberta an absolute stunner, who has modeled for magazines like Allure, Vanity Fair and, yes, fucking Playboy, but she’s a adrenaline fiend, who has skydived over 8,500 times, swims with sharks and base jumps as if it’s a morning walk in the park—and she likes sharing it all on her Instagram account.

If that’s not enough, Roberta Mancino was named the “World’s Hottest Female Athlete” by Men’s Fitness five years ago, meaning that she’s not just some amateur when it comes to looking good at doing her job, but also a chick I hope you’ve heard of before.

Whether she has been on top of your list for a few years, or you’re just now figuring out how badass sexy she is, Roberta Mancino is one hot daredevil.

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