Actress Rose McGowan Shared A Topless Photo Of Herself On Instagram With A VERY Unusual Twist

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Hello darkness my old friend

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You guys still remember who actress Rose McGowan is, right?

She used to date Marilyn Manson? She was on that show Charmed back in the day with a bunch of other sexy ladies? Got naked in an “art” video a few years ago that we posted about?

She’s also now on a show called Chosen which I had never heard of until today because it’s on Crackle.

Okay, how about when she wore THIS dress to the MTV VMAs and was pretty much naked?

Anyway, McGowan was once again kind of naked only this time it was on Instagram and it was just about as strange because she airbrushed out her nipples.

Why would she do such a thing as this I hear you asking?

In her words…

Maybe you need your buttons pushed. Think.
What am I saying?
What am I pushing back at?

What am I commenting on?
I use my art/body/photography to explore the boundaries of being a woman and artist in a life lived on a large scale.
I’m frankly not that interested in social media’s morés as they pertain to shaming me, nipples are not wrong, the body as art is never wrong.

This isn’t the first time she’s commented on this subject either. Two weeks ago she had this to say…

Yes, I have breasts. There is NO shame in having breasts. Fun fact: Just because a woman posts a photo with her breasts in them does not make it a photo that is sexual in nature.

I’d really like to argue with her, but can’t seem to find a good reason to do so. Maybe that’s because she’s right? What do you think?

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