Penn State Heisman Candidate Saquon Barkley Is Dating Sophomore Anna Congdon And Wow. Good For Him.


When you’re the top player of a school of 80,000+ whose greatest pride is its football team, it’s gotta be as hard as silly putty to get women. The typical qualities the rest of us need to score are just optional add-ons for these dudes. And if you’re a Heisman candidate for a top 5 team nationally, game over.

Welcome to the life of Penn State junior running back Saquon Barkley. Barkley has drawn comparisons to Ezekiel Elliot after racking up 306 total yards and three touchdowns in the Rose Bowl last year and through three games this year, he’s racked up 550 all-purpose yards and 5 touchdowns. Barkley is currently the  top non-quarterback in terms of odds to win the Heisman this year, currently sitting at 12-1.

And he can power clean 405-pounds with ease.

OH YA, he’s also dating stunningly beautiful Penn State sophomore Anna Congdon. Words don’t do her justice…

If I just tried a little harder to be a better athlete in high school…

[h/t The Big Lead]