Would You Rather See Sara Underwood Naked In Bed Or Naked With Merely A Handbra? Why Not Both?

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Because I’m not a prick, I won’t force you to make this abysmally perplexing Sophie’s Choice of decisions. I will simply give you both glorious photos of the mesmerizing Sara Underwood in one tidy post so it’s straightforward for you to enjoy these heart-fluttering visions in whatever manner you see fit, and hopefully it will make for a quick fap session with easy cleanup.

As advertised, here is the sensational Sara Underwood wearing nothing under the covers. I sleep the same way! OMG! We already have soooo much in common!

And as promised, here is the stunning Sara Underwood rocking a pants-straightening handbra (I loathe the asshole who’s shoe is obstructing my view of Sara’s happy valley).

As seen on TV. @saraunderwood for the pillow talk series.

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BONUS: You get this artsy Black & White photo which barely skirts around Instagram’s no nipple policy.

Lights. Camera. Action. 📷 by @gregoriophotography 💄 by @briavalencia

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BONUS BONUS: If that rock wasn’t hard as a rock before, it certainly was after this photograph.

Happy Sunday 😘 📷 by @dreamstatephotos 💄 by @kikimakeup 👙 from @yandy

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BONUS BONUS BONUS: Sara has nice eyes.

BONUS BONUS BONUS BONUS: Sara is giving herself a wedgie. Oh those lucky panties.

😴✌🏼️ 📷 by @gregoriophotography

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