Sara Underwood’s Butt Came Out To Play On Instagram And It’s DAMN FINE

George Clooney’s old girlfriend, Sara Jean Underwood, has been quite active recently on Instagram. She’s been blessed with a nearly perfect body, but for the past month or so Sara Underwood’s been showcasing her immaculate booty. Why the booty? Because she’s clearly been working on it at the gym and wants the entire world to see it.

As a model her only real job is to maintain a perfect body, so it’s genuinely astonishing that she can somehow manage to get MORE hot than she has been for the past few years. Perfect 10s shouldn’t be able to level up…Yet here we are, staring at Sara Underwood‘s perfect butt:

Testing the water 💦 📸 by the talented @riquemb Makeup by @emilyhachebeauty Location provided by @arsenicmagazine

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☀️day, ☀️day, ☀️day!!! 📸 by @dreamstatelive

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Aaaaaand wait for it……



Hold it right there 📸📸📸 Photo by @gregoriophotography

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Daydreaming about you….. 📸 by the crazy talented @dreamstatelive Location by @tailopez

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Tag a friend, I dare you 😜😜

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Just because you're camping in a yurt, doesn't mean your lingerie can't be on point 📸 by @darion_ko Lingerie @yandy

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Seriously, how can someone as gorgeous and sexy as Sara Jean Underwood manage to get any hotter? I guess this is as good a reminder as any that you need to get serious in the gym. Spring Break is just around the corner now, only 10 or so weeks until you’ll be on the beach. Take a page from Sara’s book and get into the gym to better yourself.

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