Models Sara Underwood And Tina Louise Shared Their Top Tips For Picking Up Girls (And Them)

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Anyone who regularly keeps up with our daily roundup of the best Instagram pictures knows full well who Sara Underwood and Tina Louise are. With over 10 million followers combined on Instagram, these two ladies are always sharing something on their accounts worthy of our attention.

Today, however, Sara and Tina Louise are sharing something a little different than usual. Today they are revealing some dating tips on how to pick up women, and more specifically, what they like to see a man do. Think about it, if the suggestions they make cause them to become interested in a man, surely these tips will work when you try them out out in the field, right? Then again, something tells me that not looking like a troll is also key to gaining their interest.

It starts out very well when Sara is asked, “What kind of guy has a chance?” and she responds with “Every guy!” Talk about a confidence-booster.

Then the ladies got into the things they like physically in a man and it was a potpourri of things that you can probably ignore. However, the next item up for discussion was how one should approach a woman and Tina Louise made this suggestion, “If you like a girl, go and talk to her best friend or the girl standing beside her.”

As for first dates go, they both admitted that anything “adventurous” is appealing, just nothing that takes too long, just in case, as Sara pointed out, “I actually did a first date on a hike, and it was brutal. We weren’t connecting from the beginning, and it was like six hours.”

Oh yeah, as if we need to tell you this, but, “no dick pics” was also on their list of bad moves. Go figure.

As for the photographer that put this video together for us? James Thompson? Yeah, he’s really doing the Lord’s work, this guy.

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