Bro, Do U Even Save The Whales? Because You Can Save The Whales By Watching Videos On Pornhub Right Now

by 3 years ago


Bro, do you really want to live in a world without whales? Are you cool with sitting by idly and watching porn while Japan continues to murder whales every year with impunity? You can take a stand, you CAN SAVE THE WHALES, and you can do so all by watching videos on Pornhub for the next five days.

As part of the Pornhub Cares initiative, the philanthropic wing of adult video website Pornhub, between now (10am on February 9th, 2016) through February 13th Pornhub will be making donations to a save the whales charity for every video watched on their website. For every 2,000 videos watched on Pornhub between now and February 13th Pornhub will be making a donation of 1 cent. That might not sound like very much to you, but once you consider that Pornhub users are streaming 75GB per second of video those numbers REALLY begin to add up.

They’ve set up a 100% SAFE FOR WORK landing page for the ‘Save The Whales’ charity drive, you can see a glimpse of that here:



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