School Girls, WAGs, and a Million Dollar Model Top Our Index

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Lindsay McCormick Mark Sanchez WAG

4. Lindsay McCormick

No one knew who Lindsay McCormick was until this week. Realistically, I still don't know much about her other than the fact that she's been violated by the Sanchize. She's cute and she's blonde, so there's not much there not to like. The question is, is she better looking than some of his previous conquests, such as Hilary Rhoda and Jamie-Lynn Sigler? Depending how you're feeling about Meadow Soprano, Lindsay might come in at #3 on that list, let alone #4 on this week's Index.

Jen Patterson Hot

3. Jen Patterson

Continuing with our theme of hot chicks we wouldn't know unless they banged athletes, up steps Patterson to center stage. She was linked with Blackhawks defenseman Nick Boynton (no superstar, but a personal favorite of yours truly for once buying him a beer), which led to Comcast SportsNet Chicago giving her the boot. It makes no difference that they applauded her work back in January because that didn’t matter the minute she crossed the lockerroom line. Amazing how that happens.

Maria Sharapova Sexy Bikini

2. Maria Sharapova

Many have debated which Russian tennis player is the best looking between Maria and her earlier counterpart, Anna Kournikova. I always stood on the side of Kournikova, but obviously no one's kicking Sharapova out of bed. That includes Sasha Vujacic, who just hit the lottery by proposing to her and having her actually accept. Vujacic is such Eurotrash that it's a travesty Sharapova accepted his proposal even if she is European herself. You can put him right up there with Casey Daigle, Jennie Finch's husband, on the list of mediocre athletes whose wives are significantly better than they are.

Adriana Lima $2 million bra victoria's secret

1. Adriana Lima

The best way to raise attention for a bra is to put a model in it and let her show it off to the public. It also doesn't hurt when the bra is worth $2 million and the model is Adriana Lima. That gets some good PR. Now, as long as your girlfriend doesn't expect you to do earn that kind of money so she can buy the same one, we'll all be in good shape.

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