Aww Yeah, Our Boy Lord Disick Has Himself A New 21-Year-Old Lady Friend And She’s A Model!

The last time we reported on Lord Disick, 33, some 20-year-old model was claiming that Scott had confessed his love to her and was hooking up with no one else.

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Good one.

Mind you, this was reported just seven days after we showed you Disick hooking up with not one, but TWO bikini babes in Miami. Verrry monogamous, our man Scott.

Then there was the 21-year-old Aussie model and the 20-year-old model who was a dead ringer for Kendall Jenner.

And so on and so on…

Now, in sticking with his theme of hanging only with models between the ages of 20 and 21, Lord Disick is reportedly hooking up with a British model named Ella Ross.

The two have been spotted out together several times over the past couple of days. They were seen walking in Beverly Hills Thursday. The following afternoon, they were seen having lunch together at Nobu in Malibu. On Friday night, they were photographed leaving the TAO club in Hollywood along with his friend and rapper French Montana. Scott and Ella have not commented.

A source told E! News recently that Scott has been “hanging out with a few girls, but it’s very casual,” adding, “He’s going out less and having people over at his house. French Montana just moved next door to Scott, and they are pretty close and hanging out.”

Of course, it’s “very casual.” This is Lord Disick we’re talking about here. What else would it be? Pfft

Here are some pics of Ross from her Instagram so you, like me, can once again live a little vicariously through Disick on this fine day…

And here’s Ross having a fit because she can’t find a ride until Scott’s driver swoops in for the rescue.

How chivalrous of him!

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