People Are Not Happy That A Threesome Porn Was Secretly Filmed At Their Local Bowling Alley

by 4 years ago

A porn movie was filmed at a public bowling alley by some frisky freaks who had their minds in the gutter. Now I could expect this type of tawdry behavior from Ernie McCracken, infamous bowling playboy and the 1979 Odor-Eaters Champion, but these actors and actresses have crossed the line.

We take you to the U.K. where an adult movie was filmed at the PLS Bowling Complex in Stirchley. The bowling alley, generally hosts birthday parties for kids, have begun an investigation into how a hardcore porn was secretly filmed at the location. To even get to the point of an investigation however, someone must have watched this porn.

Some fella must have been crankin’ his bacon, then had an epiphany, “Hey, that ball rack looks bloody familiar. By golly! That’s the PLS Bowling Complex! I’d know that ball rack anywhere. That bird has bollocks on her kisser and a pin in her puffy cake. I must alert the authorities of this debauchery. Once I’m finished of course.”

In the action, two women and one lucky lad are seen knocking down the head pin in a wide open frame. The man had talent to spare as he rode the rail and picked up a split with a love tap. The women put three fingers in and showed some wrist-action that have never been seen before at these fast lanes.

“I wouldn’t want my two kids sitting on the chairs seen in these images or bowling there knowing what has gone on,” one concerned parent stated. Kids sit in gum, could this be much worse? I guess it could possibly, but use a wet nap and you should be fine.

Martin Parsonage, who is in the process of taking over the building’s lease, said, ‘By hook or by crook, I will find out who is responsible.”

Besides not getting permission to film in the bowling alley, they’re not even wearing the proper footwear! Those heels are going to scuff the shit out of the approach.

Now I don’t have a link to the actual porn scene, but we can imagine it looked something like this.



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