Do You See Selena Gomez’s Nipples In This Behind The Scenes Video?

selena gomez flaunt video nipples

YouTube - Flaunt Magazine

For some reason this behind the scenes video of a photo shoot Selena Gomez did for Flaunt magazine a year ago is just now making the rounds on the Internet. Of course there’s one very good reason for that and that’s because everyone is shitting their pants thinking that they caught a glimpse of Selena’s nipples in the video. (The mind does tend to see what it wants to see.)

selena 1

The Blemish

selena 2


So, I don’t know, maybe we can see Selena Gomez’s nipples in this video and maybe we can’t. I’m leaning towards the latter, but I’ll let you play Sherlock Holmes with a magnifying glass and let you decide for yourselves.

Here’s the full, finished video that was released a year ago, because I know you like to watch.

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