Sorry Ladies, New Internet Sensation Sergio Dipp Has A Girlfriend Named Isabela Gallego

by 6 months ago

Not only did 29-year-old ESPN Deportes broadcaster Sergio Dipp become the internet’s new favorite sports reporter with his epic appearance on Monday Night Football, he also won the hearts of many ladies across America with his dashing good looks.

Who cares if his sideline report was the worst televised sports disaster since the “Boom Goes The Dynamite” guy? Bro was ridiculously cool about it and is now, rightfully, reaping the rewards.

Unfortunately for all the thirsty ladies out there, Sergio Dipp is taken. As I was perusing his Instagram looking for anything I could add to my earlier story I noticed that there were several photos of Dipp with an attractive young lady And based on the captions and poses she is without a doubt his girlfriend.

So, sorry ladies, but a girl named Isabela Gallego already beat you to him about three years ago. Wisely, her Instagram account has been set to private, but not Dipp’s. Hell no it isn’t. Dude is gonna work this 15 minutes for all its worth.

Here are some pics of the lively couple…

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