Shawn Dillon Has An Instagram Account That Is Distracting As All Hell

by 3 years ago


I could sit here and go ahead and tell you all of the facts about model Shawn Dillon, like how she was Playboy‘s Miss February in 2013 or how she continues to flaunt herself online, but what would be the point?

With the saying, “a picture’s worth a thousand words” coming to mind, I figured all you need to do is look at these photos from Shawn’s Instagram account to fully understand who she is, because it’s one hot cookie.

In fact, if it weren’t for Shawn Dillon today, I may have been a hell of a lot more productive. As it stands, though, I’m just “wasting” time double-tapping nearly every photo of hers and helplessly tweeting to her in hopes of getting her attention.

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