New Educational Show Uses Naked Women To Teach People How To Speak English

by 3 years ago
naked language women show


We’ve heard of TV shows in other countries using naked women to do soccer highlights (still not sure how they get away with that), but to teach someone how to speak a foreign language? That’s definitely a new one.

Then again, we all know how hard it can be to pay attention in class so this new online Spanish channel called Naked Language may actually be on to something.

According to the Trome, this class “promises to get away from the traditional method of learning English.” You think?

“This program has the distinction of being taught by a teacher ‘completely exposed,'” they continue. “Furthermore, this course promises that the theoretical content will be displayed in a simple and fun way through sexy videos and other content.”

Once the course is completed (and really who would want to ever complete this course) students receive a certificate of international recognition. I have no idea what the hell that is, but I might just take the course just to, uh, brush up on my English skills.


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