I Think This Porn Star Looks Like Taylor Swift, Am I Nuts Or What?

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Taylor Swift Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair


Not to let you bros too deep into my personal life, but the other day I was jacking it. While I have a heady rotash of regular porn stars, now and then I like to mix it up. Sometimes surf the categories instead of the ladies.

I came across a video I wanted to watch, and, as one does when they’re masturbating, started to watch it. Not more than a minute in, I realized the porn star in it looks kinda like Taylor Swift.

Her name is Simony Diamond. Here she is.



The BroBible team was torn. Responses ranged from “yes, she absolutely looks like Taylor Swift” to J. Camm’s “That looks nothing like her. That porn star looks more like the Gopher from Winner the Pooh then Taylor Swift.”

Here is Gopher. At the risk of calling my boss out, I’d say Simony looks nothing like Gopher.


WInnie The Pooh

Let’s look at a few more shots of Simony, and you tell me.

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