Sofia Vergara Wants You To Know That She Wishes She Had Fake Boobs



Wait…so you mean these:

giphy (24) giphy (25) sofia-vergara-bouncing-boobs-gif-7ddf6c

…are real?

“Believe me, I wish I had fake boobs,” Vergara says in the May issue of Vanity Fair, complaining that her God-given assets sag more than silicone stand-ins would.
“I lay down and they completely go down like all the way, like here,” she said. “It’s not fun”…

She tells VF that she took speech classes and tried for years to lose her thick Colombian accent — before realizing it was her meal ticket, adding, “I’ve been in this country for 20-something years and I still sound like this.”(Via)

If a random stranger were to have told me that Sofia Vergara’s boobs were real I would’ve punched him in the face and called bullshit. Why I punched him in the face, I don’t know. Probably wasn’t necessary, but sometimes you need a good sock to the jaw for some emphasis.

Today I Learned.

[H/T Page Six, header image via Instagram]