Some Young and Old Make the Cut in This Week’s Top 5 Hottie Index

by 9 years ago

The BroBible Top 5 Hottie Index returns this week with some new fresh faces just in time for Spring. In order to make our Index, the celebrity, athlete, or other notable hottie in question needs to be relevant at this moment and tearing up the headlines. Just because you're hot isn't enough. You need to be in the news.

5. Alice Eve We all embraced hockey during the Olympics, so it's only fitting that a movie with a hockey component, “She's Out Of My League” brings us a fresh hottie for us to become infatuated with. Eve comes from the other side of the pond (England) and actually has a nice set of teeth unlike the classic stereotype. Then again, we'd only be aware of her teeth if she didn't follow Waffles' rules of the bedroom. Instead we'll concentrate on her smoking body shown off in April's Maxim.

4. Ashley Judd With the NCAA Tournament in full swing, we turn our attention to Judd, a lifelong Kentucky fan. There will be copious amounts of Judd on Kentucky telecasts in the next few weeks as she'll definitely be watching her Wildcats play, as she did during the SEC tournament. She hasn't done much film in recent years, but we can always tune in to see her fine nekked ass whenever HBO re-runs “Norma Jean and Marilyn.” In the meantime, Go Cats! [inline:aniston]

3. Jennifer Aniston Aniston has always been a true beauty in my eyes, offering more of a girl next door look to the wild and trashy appeal of Angelina Jolie, the woman for whom Brad Pitt replaced Aniston. We could debate for hours the winner of the Aniston/Jolie battle, but let's focus on Aniston today since she's being plastered all over our television sets for her new movie “The Bounty Hunter.” She's known for constantly having erect n*pples when filming “Friends” episodes and the pictorial she did for GQ at the end of 2008 made us all feel proud to be Americans.

2. Amanda Seyfried There's a quiet uprising to bring Seyfried to the forefront of Hollywood's finest females. Unlike Lindsay Lohan, part of her cohort in “Mean Girls,” Seyfried's stock has risen since the movie. Fans of “Big Love” are very aware of what she brings to the table, but the rest of America will soon be on board. Seyfried will be donning her birthday suit for numerous sex scenes in an upcoming movie named “Chloe.” In an interview about the movie, Seyfried mentions how “being nekked is not really much of an issue.” Filming lesbo sex scenes doesn't seem to be an issue either as she'll have one of those with Julianne Moore in the movie as well.

1. Joslyn James The Tiger Woods saga has surprisingly now had a longer span of pure entertainment value than “Jersey Shore.” Joslyn James got into the act this week by publishing texts she received from the PGA's best golfer. Reading through the texts never stopped being funny as one imagined the rather nerdy Woods mentioning the terms “dp” and “golden shower.” In fact, I think it inspired all of us to go strong or go home with our sexting efforts.

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