You Won’t Believe This Friggin’ Spike In Porn Searches For ‘Clowns’ Since Killer Clowns Took Over America

by 1 year ago

If there wasn’t a Presidential Election going on the mainstream media would be devoting the 24/7/365 news cycle to creepy killer clowns terrorizing America. We here at BroBible have covered these horrific clown incidents pretty exhaustively (check out our ‘CLOWNS‘ archives here), but one thing I was curious about the other day is how the recent spike in clown activity across America has affected the porn business.

The other day I emailed my contact at Pornhub to see if they were looking into clown-related searches and earlier today I heard back in the form of a new Pornhub Insights article detailing the meteoric rise in clown-related porn searches. It’s blowing my goddamn mind to see how many people are searching for clown porn right now, and I’m guessing that it’ll squash your mind grapes as well, via Pornhub Insights:

Unsurprisingly, people have been really into searching for Harley Quinn porn, the female lead character from this Summer’s Blockbuster hit Suicide Squad, a film that was bashed by critics.

Some disturbing takeaways:

Women are more into clown porn than men. Not that I think men would be more into clown porn than women but a 33% difference is befuddling.

People are searching for ‘clown fart’ porn and they’re doing this unironically. These people have issues and need to consult medical professionals to work on these issues.

For more insights into this huge spike in Clown Porn Searches just follow that link and head on over to Pornhub Insights (totally SFW)!

Runners Encounter A Clown In The Woods With A Knife
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