Drunk Girls On Spring Break Answer The Question ‘Does Size Matter?’ And Give Their Ideal Sausage Size

BroBible may be the worldwide leader in “Does size matter?” content. It’s something we take very seriously and my father is proud of my part in that achievement.

As men, I don’t quite understand why we have an insatiable appetite for hearing out girls opinions on the size of our vomit rods, considering its not like we can take our dicks to the gym to add gains. We are stuck with our baloney batons, for better or for worse, yet we still mine out more and more field data on the subject.

After numerous studies, results remain hazy. Some girls like Louisville Sluggers (“If there’s no size, there’s no prize”), others prefer Tootsie Rolls, and for some love, feelings, and emotions trumps all. Chicks, man. Can never paint them with a broad stroke.

Valuable still shot.

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