So That Porn Star Chomped By A Shark Video Is Totally FAKE

by 12 months ago

Last week, this video of a porn star getting munched by a shark went crazy viral and has racked up nearly 15 million views since May 2. One itsy bitsy problem, the video from a live sex site is probably completely fake. I’m just as shocked and bewildered as you that an internet video could be faked as a ploy to garner attention, especially by such a virtuous entity such as a cam girl website.

The video produced by CamSoda shows Molly Cavalli wearing a thong one-piece swimsuit enter a shark cage and then dropped into shark-infested waters. The footage just so happened to have missed the shark biting the porn star, but she grabs her foot and screams. She is pulled out of the water and shows a bloody gash on her foot that allegedly required 20 stitches.

But all is not as it seems. Bryce Rohrer, the owner of the Florida Shark Diving company, says CamSoda approached him two months ago about producing a video featuring a fake shark bite. Cavalli told Rohrer that such a video was sure to go “viral.”

Cavalli, who is the “Head of Models/Bookings/Production” at CamSoda, texted Rohrer a pic of what the fake wound would look like with special effect makeup (Seen HERE).

“We immediately declined,” Rohrer told My Palm Beach. “We are pro-shark, pro-wildlife, and want to show the importance of sharks, not villainize them.”

“It’s so bad for business, so bad for the image of sharks in general and makes shark diving look really bad,” Rohrer said.

Several shark experts revealed that the fake bite seen in the video is not how a real shark bite would look.

From My Palm Beach:

Florida Atlantic University shark researcher Stephen Kajiura reviewed the video and said the linear gash on the woman’s foot is not something that would typically be caused by shark teeth. Shark bites tend to be arcs, because their teeth are in a semi-circular pattern.

If there is a slash, it’s usually multiple slashes because more than one tooth would be used.

“For a wound that deep, one would expect to see multiple parallel slashes from teeth, not a single slash,” said Kajiura.

On the bright side, thankfully no sharks will need to be tested.


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