Porn Star Found True Love With Old-Ass Millionaire Thanks To Religion And Totally Not Because She’s A Porn Star

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It’s a tale as old as time. Porn star has sex with people for money. Porn star discovers religion. Porn star finds husband. Porn star marries husband, who just so happens to be a millionaire and more than double her age. Porn star and old rich dude live happily ever after.

Kejsarin Chaichalermphol was a Thai porn star, but she found Buddhism and now she is a blissfully married woman. Thanks to meditation and her new found spirituality, Kejsarin, formerly Nong Nat, has done a complete 180 in her life. She believes that her praying brought American millionaire Harold Jennings Nesland Jr. into her life. The two got married and then she left the porn industry. I’d be all about any religion that brought me a millionaire too.

Kejsarin, 31, deeply fell in love with Jennings, who is 70-years-old.

“Prayers and meditation get you a good husband.”

“Other than receiving kindness from my husband from his monthly payments, he has also been giving me extra money, too,” she said. “No matter how much he withdraws from the bank, he splits it with me 50/50.”

If that doesn’t sound like true love I don’t know what is.

So there you go guys. Find your spirituality, pray regularly and you too can getchu a millionaire. Unless you aren’t a porn star, and unless you aren’t willing to bang wrinkly old geezers. But other than that just trust in love.


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