Stripper Gives Oral Sex To Man In Florida Courthouse And Then Shares Video Of Brazen Blowie On Twitter

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Did you ever go to a courthouse? There’s sooooo much wasted time. You’re waiting for the jury or the judge or your lawyer to hammer out a plea deal with the prosecuter. With so much free time what’s a stripper to do? This Florida woman decided to use her free time to give a blowjob to a man in a county courthouse. Idle hands (and mouths) are the devil’s workshop.

On Tuesday, Brittney Jones was at the Duval County Courthouse in Jacksonville, Florida (Of course). She was facing charges of smuggling drug paraphernalia possession charges as well as smuggling contraband into jail and violation of probation. So while she waited for her case to be seen by the judge she decided to deep-throat some dude in the hallway. Before you judge, at least she will have something to show for how she spent her time as opposed to you mindlessly playing “Plants vs. Zombies.”

The 26-year-old posted her oral sex clip on Twitter with the caption: “HAD SO MUCH FUN IN COURT TODAY. FOUND A WAY TO GET MY CHARGES DROPPED….Ssssssh Don’t Tell.” That tweet is sure to have a great Twitter reach and add a few followers.

Jones served two days in prison and given a fine. So it’s hard to argue with Brittney’s means to an end.

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