Scintillating Surfers Wear Nothing But Body Paint As Their Wetsuits And Hang Two

by 3 years ago

These four surfer girls appear like they are wearing regular wetsuits, but take a closer look. Closer. Closer. Closer. Their wetsuits are actually not wetsuits, it’s actually body paint.

Roustan Body Paint took four gorgeous surfers/models and gave them all skin-tight wetsuits made of merely paint. The lovely models included Jovan Gonzalez, Taujma Hall, Kristin Lee and Morgan Sliff.

These beach bunnies ditch the Neoprene for the even more form-fitting body paint, and I couldn’t be happier. With the lovely surfer’s wonderful backside techniques, the ocean isn’t the only thing swelling.

But I have questions. Why is this paint so goddamn waterproof? Why aren’t the waves rougher? And how many male surfers wiped out because their concentration was certainly compromised by all of the sexy surfers?

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