Tara Reid Is Legitimately Hot In These Bikini Photos As A ‘Fuck You’ To The Haters Who Said She Needed A Cheeseburger

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It’s been a rough couple of months…well, really it’s been a rough life for Tara Reid. Granted she’s rich and famous and yadda yadda, but at least once a month she gets mercilessly shat on for being “too skinny” by the fatties of the world who are pissed that their XXL shirts and size 37 pants aren’t considered “beautiful” by society. Personally, I don’t care. If you wanna be thin, be thin. If you wanna be fat, be fat. Just don’t go shitting on other people because you’re an insecure fucktub who takes their emotions out on others.

Wait, what was this post about? Oh yeah, Tara Reid in a bikini. I’ll stop rambling about body acceptance because I know you don’t care and just cut to the photos. You’re welcome.

Get ready. #sharknado 3 is coming @sharkweek lol

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Playing in the sun in #tulum 👙🌈

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Playing on the swings in Tulum ❤️💜❤️💜❤️

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