Tara Reid Offered $1 Million To Perform Sex Acts In Pornography Movie And Yea, You Would Watch That

by 5 years ago


We here at BroBible (well, Doug and I) are big fans of Tara Reid. Apparently, the same is true of pornography company GameLink.com (which sounds like a video game website and not a nudie video repository, but whatever).

They liked Reid’s New Year’s Eve naked Instagram so much, they’ve announced a $1 million offer for Reid to star in and direct a pornography movie.

This would–I assume–involve a naked Tara Reid performing sex acts.

I explicitly state that because a lot of Bros are gonna be like “Nah, I wouldn’t watch that shit.”

To which I would respond, “You don’t want to watch Tara Reid nakedly perform sex acts?”

Because when you put it like that, the answer is never “No.” It’s yes. Tara Reid is hot and watching her perform sex acts without clothes on would be an enjoyable experience.

Go ahead and deny it in the comments. I will gladly school you incorrect fools on whether you want to watch Tara Reid perform sex acts while naked, for you do.

Do it, Tara.


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