Porn Star Tasha Reign Answers Your Emails, Even The Guy Who Sent Her An Unsolicited Dick Pic

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Hey Bros! Before anyone trolls this article, I ADORE my fans aka my #Reigndeer. It brings so much joy to me knowing guys get off to my videos and enjoy my sexual energy on screen. That being said, I receive hilarious emails, some good, some obscure, some borderline, but regardless of the theme, I am grateful for them. Below are some of my recent favorites that were short enough to show you and here are my responses (oh, and all the spelling mistakes were left in to keep it authentic). XOXO

Jason: Tasha, I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I’m a little embarrassed to say this. Friday I’m going on my first date ever. I really don’t know what I am supposed to do. I know that I should pay and drive. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you 

Tasha: Hey Jason, thank you for always being my #1 fan visiting me as I feature dance across country 🙂 Your first! That is so fucking exciting, I am so happy for you. You seem to have the right idea so thats a great thing, its sounds cliche but just be yourself! Smile, laugh, be a gentlemen, and most importantly respect the woman. If you feel it is appropriate to go in for a kiss at the end of the date then cool, but if not no worries you can the next time! Lastly, try standing tall with your shoulders back and proud before the date so you can get into the confident mindset that attracts your mate 🙂 XO, Love Tasha

Hamza: “Tasha, you are soo sexyy  i love so so muuuch  Will you marry mee ??

Tasha: Thank you so much for all the compliments! I would need to meet you and date you before I would marry you but it definitely helps my insecurities in this area, knowing you are down to lock me down. XO”

Emist: “You were hot in Chicago, can I touch your tits or ass next time?”

Tasha: Dear, Emist thank you for coming out to my Exxxotica show in Chicago last weekend and thank you even more for not sexually assaulting me. I appreciate that you are trying to ask for consent via the internet on my fan email, however please reassess where your perspective comes from. I act in adult movies and I have zero desire for random men to harass me at my place of work. Please remember stereotypes are often times not true and that by assuming I would be okay with this behavior merely perpetuates the issues in my industry. Thank you for understanding, XO

John: Kaise ho aap? It’s Hindi language which means how are you? I’m big fan of yours from India. I just wanna ask you did you ever come to India. I wanna meet that big tits.

You got the cutest smile I have ever seen but also killer eyes.

Tasha: Thanks so much for admiring me from afar. I have never been to India but Im sure I will be able to come sometime in the future, just probably not for work as the adult market there sounds a little iffy. Please join my only personal site.. and be careful out there! XO


Nick: Do you do private bookings? And if so for how much? I’m very interested in setting something up. Thanks!

Tasha: Hard no.

Shahruki: where you a mastros like a month ago in newport??? i randomly found someone who gave me deja vu..hopefully its you..and that crazy ; wouldnt have though this was your career 😛 what else you do for fun?

Tasha: Well good evening, this is funny! I often feel like people are staring at me but I never know the reason, now I do 🙂 I hike, eat, sleep, party, and read for fun, what about you? Next time respectfully say “Hello” although good call on not doing so while I was with my mom. Hope you’re well!

Luke: Netflix and Chill?(dick pic included)

Tasha: Normally, I am not a fan of dick pics, they’re stupid and unnecessary. This one however is pretty nice and Netflix worthy, so good for you! I am not on the market at the moment but I applaud your efforts and keep being you.

Bobby: Haii tasha…i’m your fans…wyy i never look you again in instagram???where your acount??

Tasha: I hope so too! It is such a bummer to be reported all the time. I try my absolute hardest not post anything offensive and make sure to follow all the guidelines. This happens every week so hopefully someone will crack down on my haterz. XOXO


Ismail: Hai tasha reign. I am a big fans of you. Can you introducing me to miss stormy daniels (another actress) please. I need a work…

Tasha: Hey there! Unfortunately I can not. Come meet her at one of her feature dancing bookings or signing conventions! XOX

Ophelia: Dear Ms. Reign,

I wanted to extend my most sincere appreciation to you for standing up for Duke freshman “Lauren” in your blog on the Huffington Post. While most are quick to judge women for engaging in what they deem as ‘troubling, attention-seeking, daddy-deprived, low self-esteem’ behavior, they don’t take into account that some women enjoy taking part in pornography–And many women enjoy watching it as well. I don’t feel that women (or men) viewing you or “Lauren” in your films instead of actually partaking in the sexual acts make us anymore righteous or wholesome. The difference is that we are able to remain completely anonymous and hide behind an orgasm instead of being publicly outed. I have read threads of comments that have slut-shamed “Lauren” and I’m sure you have had the same ignorant comments slung in your direction. Since I was 16, I have always said that men wear sexual encounters like badges of honor, but we are conditioned to hide in shame like the event never took place. I refuse to believe that to be true. I don’t believe this whole “men are predisposed to reproduce as much as possible with as many women as possible” theory. I happen to love sex. And I happen to “think like a man in this regard”…I’m supposed to reproduce with as many men as possible. And that’s okay and I don’t feel bad about it because it’s what works for me. Thank you again for standing up for what many women have been feeling and wanting to say for a long time. 

Tasha: Wow. This email made my day! I am so thrilled to hear I have so many feminist sisters out there 🙂 Keep being you and rock your slut badge 🙂 I would love to organize some sort of collegiate slut walk! Hope you have a great week ahead and lots of love your way!


Kevin: Hi Tasha,

I really enjoy your articles on BroBible! Very insightful and they strike a nice balance between being enlightening and entertaining.

I’m sorry to bother you, but I’m always interested in learning more about writers/personalities that inspire me — and it seems like nothing shapes a person’s mind more than the books she reads. 

If it’s not too much trouble, could you send a picture of your bookshelf or Kindle screen (or any pile of books that are important to you)? Your work is very admirable and I’d hate to miss a chance to learn more about you and the ideas/books that made you the woman you are today.

If this is too big an imposition, no worries at all.

Best wishes,


Tasha: This may be the coolest email a Reigndeer has sent me, here is a photo… hope that helps get inside my brain! XOXO Love, Tasha


I hope you all enjoyed a little insight into my inbox and my world. What constitutes being a #Reigndeer? Just being you, and having a virtual relationship with yours truly. I really love writing for you Bros and I want to know your thoughts and opinions about everything! Email me…


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