If You’re A Fan Of REALLY HOT Twins Wearing Sexy Lingerie, Then Today Is Your Lucky Freaking Day

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Ukrainian twins Elena and Tatiana Rudenko are featured in the latest edition of Gosee magazine. Unfortunately, other than a handful of sexy pictures they literally don’t tell us a single thing about that. Seems kind of odd for a “magazine,” but hey, whatever. At least now we’re aware of their existence.

And as you will see, that is a VERY good thing.

I tried to find out more about these sexy twins, but since my Russian sucks and a search yielded jack shit for results, I guess we’ll have to just go with “they are really attractive models” and look at some pictures of them in various stages of undress. You bros cool with that? I kind of thought you would be.

First up are a couple more of the photos they shot for Gosee magazine. I literally have no idea which one is Elena and which one is Tatiana.

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Now we’ll head over to their individual Instagrams so we can know who is actually who. (They are twins, after all.)

First up, Elena…

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