Hot Teacher Forced To Resign After She Was Exposed As Porn Star Who Specialized In Schoolgirl Videos

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Svetlana Topol is quite familiar with schools, not only is she a teacher at one of the most expensive private schools in St. Petersburg, but she also starred in porn where she acted out sexual fantasies posing as a schoolgirl.

Topol’s fuck flicks were featured on several pornographic sites including clubseventeenDOTcom. The naughty teacher used a number of aliases during her porn career, including Maud, Ariel, and Christy. Maud? Really? Of all of the names you could choose from you picked Maud? Nothing says sexy like the name Maud, which sounds like the name of the 84-year-old star bingo player at your local church.

svetlana topol teacher

Maud starred in such memorable porn videos as “Doing Homework” and “Meeting with Christy’s Headmaster.” Haaa “Headmaster!”

The Russian teacher said that her porn career was before she began teaching and the videos were produced in 2010-2011.

However, school administrators called her porn past “incompatible with teaching.” But hey, at least she wasn’t fucking the students. Svetlana has since resigned after pressure from the school and parents.

So you’re sitting in class and you look at your teacher and it hits you. Mrs. Topol is a fucking porn star!!! Can you imagine the giddiness and the wonderment that must have struck these young boys? Wait. But what if it was a horny dad that realized his kid’s teacher is a porn star?!?!? How do you go about addressing that? “My daughter’s 6th-grade teacher is a porn star. How do I know this? Um, well, ummm, I once accidentally clicked on a site called ‘clubseventeenDOTcom,’ but I thought it was a nightclub, but it turned out to be a porn site featuring barely legal teen girls getting every hole filled and as I was quickly trying to close the disgusting site I accidentally clicked play on a porn video and that’s when I saw Mrs. Topol.”

svetlana topol teacher



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