The Daily Buzz for October 19, Presented by Dianna Agron and Lea Michele in GQ

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  • Chantal Hovde Will Improve Your Day [Buge Hoobs]
  • Hottest Fictional Witches [Complex]
  • Juliana Imai Leaving Little to the Imagination [Brosome]
  • Haley Cummings May Be Squeaky Clean On The Outside, But She's A Very Dirty Girl On The Inside. [The Beer Goggler]
  • Judge Won't Stop Tila Tequila's Sex Tape, saying she “Exploits Her Sexuality” [The Frisky]

Required Reader

  • 32 More Pictures from the Awesome Offices of Google [Ned Hardy]
  • Presenting the World's Largest Enchilada [LemonDrop]
  • Childhood TV Was Awesome [The Chive]
  • Awesome Epic Spinning Bullet Video [Double Viking]
  • My Dad Paid Cash for my Toyota Corolla and I am too Rich to go to Jail [PTTM]
  • Man Facing 10 years in Prison for Downloading Simpsons Porn [JAGT]
  • Kanye is NOT HAPPY about his Album Cover Being Banned [Vlad TV]
  • For those of you who can't get enough:  The Duck Face [City Rag]
  • Field Hockey Chicks [Frathouse Sports]
  • 7 Excellent Football Fail GIFS [Banned in Hollywood]
  • 9 Athletes That Would Make Freakishly Awesome Soccer Players. [EgoTV]
  • Van Damme Had a Heart Attack. [Film Drunk]
  • It's Here, It's Here, Beer At Starbucks is Finally A Reality. [F-Listed]
  • 21 Amazing Beatles Covers. [Gunaxin]
  • Four Loko: Cheap Drink or Dangerous Decision. [College Candy]
  • 9 Lamest Ghosts In Movie History. [Screen Junkies]
  • WhiskyFest: Your Intro To Whisky. [Made Man]

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