This Week’s Hotties Take Off Their Clothes and Go Swimming

by 9 years ago

Candice Swanepoel Nude

Check out the full, uncensored photos over at Egotastic.

Mila Kunis

4. Mila Kunis

“The Black Swan” is one of the most anticipated movies of the Oscar season, but although AG may be counting the days until he can see Natalie Portman in it, let's not forget that her co-star is Mila Kunis. It's nice to know that Kunis didn't need the lubrication of alcohol to film the lesbo sex scene with Portman.

Kat Denning Nude

3. Kat Denning

Denning's never hit my radar before despite being in movies like the “40-Year Old Virgin” and frankly I'll acknowledge she isn't the hottest thing around. Still, you have to applaud her for texting some mobile photos that involve female nud*ty and not cock shots. When the clothes come off, she looks like she brings a lot to the table. And not a lot like Jessica Alba, who's texting photos of her pregnant self, but I guess maybe some of you guys are into that.

Rachel Weisz

2. Rachel Weisz

While she's come a long way with her acting career since winning my affections in the “Mummy” series, that will always be the first time she showed me something. (Although I guess she showed all of us a little something when she was laying by the pool topl*ss in “Stealing Beauty.”) Now we only care about her again because she's getting a divorce from her “Fountain” director Darren Aronofsky and there's a 0.00007% chance you can run into her at a bar in New York and profess your love. I'll make sure to keep my fingers crossed.

Olivia Wilde

1. Olivia Wilde

In a week light for news, we leave the top spot for the girl who beats the rest on looks and didn't do much else but pose in a wet white dress (among other hot looks) for Vanity Fair. It's like the mature way of adults doing the wet T-shirt thing, but we'll take it. A cute girl soaking wet in white clothing always wins.

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