Tim Howard’s Girlfriend, Sara McLean, is HOT

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If we’re all going to pretend that we like soccer now that America didn’t totally embarrass ourselves in the World Cup, then we’re just going to have to continue to cover soccer news, like Sara McLean being Tim Howard’s blistering hot girlfriend. This is just something we are all going to have to live with now that America hearts soccer. Or, until next month comes arrives and we all stop caring about soccer again. But until then, look at how attractive Tim Howard’s girlfriend is!

Fun fact about the 24-year-old: She doesn’t even really like soccer either. Even more reason to love her!

According to the NY Post:

Sara McLean, 24, who’s been shacking up with New Jersey-born Howard for a year, admitted they never talk about soccer — despite his overnight celebrity status.

“We don’t really talk about football that much, to be honest. I didn’t even watch football before we started going out,” McLean, a banker in London, told The Sun. “He just laughs if I ever ask him anything about football.”

If we are tapped out on hot WAGs on the Internet then I motion to replace Katherine Webb with Sara McLean.




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