Someone Ranked The Top 10 Sex Positions So Grab A Pencil And Paper And Get Ready To Take Notes

by 2 years ago
top 10 sex positions


Now I am not sure how exactly one “ranks” sex positions, but I am always game to hear what about anyone has to say when it comes to the topic.

Despite the fact that, well, much like most of you I’m sure, I think I am pretty capable in the bedroom there is always a thing or two that be learned, right?

Now whether you agree or disagree with these rankings I promise that you will learn something. Hell, I learned more in this video about sex than I think I have at any other time in my life. They certainly didn’t skimp on the details. There were even some positions in it that I’ve never even heard of before.

So give it a watch and I promise you that the next time you and your partner hit the sheets you’ll have more than a few surprise moves you can bust out.

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