These Are The Top 15 Countries Whose Women Have The Largest Natural Breasts In The World, According To Science

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Boobs: they’re what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you’re a baby or an adult with a sex addiction, but which country should you live in if you’re looking to motorboat the biggest natural breasts possible? According to a recent study published in The Journal of Female Health Sciences, that prestigious award goes to the United Fuckin’ States of America, where I have to assume we came in first because over 35% of our population is obese and tits are literally made out of fat:


The Journal of Female Health Sciences

Almost 400,000 women from around the globe were measured for the study, with Caucasian Americans coming in with the highest breast volume measuring in at larger than a D-cup. Even non-Caucasian Americans still beat out most other countries, ranking in at third place with around a C-cup.

And, despite my earlier lamentation of how fat the United States has become, apparently researchers found that obesity did not play a large part in the relative size of breasts, with the average breast volume “found to be large regardless of body weight, with even athletic and slim women being large-breasted.”

Bad news for the smallest breasted countries, who now can’t point at the U.S. and say we have giant boobs solely because we’re plump x500:


The Journal of Female Health Sciences


[H/T Daily Mail]

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