Tops Are Optional in This Week’s Hottie Index

by 8 years ago

Kate Middleton


Long live the Queen! (Or at least the future Queen in this case.) Jealous that we featured her sister in last week’s Index, Queen-to-be Kate decided to pose topless on a French beach.  While her jewels weren’t quite as nice as expected, to my knowledge she will be the first Queen to ever been caught with her top off.  (Not that anyone’s looking for that from Queen Elizabeth any time soon.) Carla Bruni, the former first lady of France, would be proud.

Alison Pill

Topless broads are the theme of the week apparently.  Unlike Middleton, Pill decided to cut out the middleman and just post topless pictures of herself on Twitter.  Given that she’s already shown the goods before, it’s not exactly groundbreaking news.  Fans of “The Newsroom” may not know or care. As with any news, new news is always good news.

Erin Heatherton


The beaches of Miami were full of models this week (I guess that doesn’t surprise anyone), but Heatherton seemed to be all over the tabloids.  Leo Dicaprio’s girlfriend was doing her usual bikini things, which also isn’t new to all of us, but is always well received.  Besides, how can you knock a girl who can bend like this? Just imagine all the sexual positions she can put herself in.

Geri Halliwell

It’s been a while since we spiced up our life with the five girls from England, but the Spice Girls did make a comeback at the closing ceremony of the London Olympics.  Geri was always thought of as the biggest whore of the bunch, if not the best looking one.  She seems to be a big fan of her panties this week because she keeps showing them off to the public. Maybe she wants to know if her camel toe is showing or maybe she’s just looking for some good PR. Either way, we appreciate the effort.

Morena Baccarin

“Homeland” is one of those under the radar shows whose following swears it’s a must-watch.  I haven’t gotten into it yet myself, but I’ve love to get into bed for an hour with Baccarin.  The sultry Brazilian is known to change her hairstyle from time to time, but we’re more focused on her curves being shown off in the recent edition of Esquire.  Maybe “Homeland” is worth watching.

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