Yet Another Sexy Female TV Presenter Accidentally Had Her Top Come COMPLETELY OFF Live On The Air

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In news that once again proves that television is better everywhere else, yet another sexy TV presenter in another country accidentally exposed her boobs on live TV.

Tania Llasera now follows in the illustrious footsteps of Sonya Cortes and Roxana Vancea as TV presenters who have had very “unfortunate” wardrobe malfunctions.

And unlike the one our favorite weather girl Yanet Garcia purportedly had, this one was a real doozy.

Appearing on Spanish television, Llasera was attempting to attach her mic to the back of her dress when she asked a woman in a bikini to give her a hand. And give her a hand she most certainly did because she somehow caused Llasera’s dress to pop completely open exposing both of her breasts.

And to prove even more that TV is better everywhere else, producers of the show didn’t even cut the scene from the broadcast.

Be sure to check out the reaction of the guy on the right, which you are going to have to admit would totally be the way you would have reacted as well.

Just for reference, here is what she looks like fully-clothed…

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