Bros On Twitter Want To Know Who This HOT Oregon Cheerleader Is

by 4 years ago

No idea who she is or if she’s even on the Ducks sideline for tonight’s National Championship game, but Bros on Twitter are freaking out about this pic of an Oregon Ducks cheerleader in a warm-up outfit that started circulating today. It could be an old pic that’s just recirculating because that’s what the Internet does sometimes during big events. Or not? If you do a search on Twitter for “Oregon cheerleader”, you’ll find out that Twitter’s thirst is very, very real.

So. Anyone know who she is? Instagram? Twitter? Is she this year’s Katherine Webb? I mean, look at this kid. He needs to know:

Apparently it all started when Darnell Dockett tweeted this pic out:

And then it started spreading…

UPDATE: We have our first answer. Apparently she’s the cheer coach for Oregon, according to this guy.

UPDATE II: Also note that this is NOT from tonight’s game, via this Internet sleuth:

UPDATE III: Apparently her name is Dana Guthrie:

UPDATE IV: But wait! Maybe not!

UPDATE V: And then there’s THIS. A TWIST! We’re back to where we started. Did we solve the mystery?

UPDATE VI: Someone tweeted a link to a web forum post circa 2011. So apparently the Internet has been talking about this girl for quit a long time.

UPDATE VII: WELP, I think we may have cracked the case with an e-mail that just landed in our inbox. According to our tipster, “The hot Oregon cheerleader is Corine Lewis.” The tipster presented the following tweet as evidence. Case cracked or what?

Still a mystery. Stay weird, Twitter.

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