Two of Football’s Hottest New Babes Are In This Week’s Hottie Index

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Lauren Hanley 
Last Monday featured one of the best National Championship games we’ve ever seen. It was easily the best game since the epic Texas vs. USC showdown in 2006. The man, the myth, the legend named Johnny Football was in attendance even though his team wasn’t playing because ESPN asked him to be on air. That was no problem for him, since he wanted to take in all the sights and sounds, including Miss Hanley. She ended up on his arm at the end of the game. I’m surprised anyone recognized Johnny Football because I’d be too busy staring at Hanley’s tits. Jesus Christ those things are massive! 

Allie LaForce 
Twitter loves themselves a sports TV hottie and that was as apparent as ever while the Patriots were taking care of business against the Colts on Saturday. LaForce was patrolling the sidelines for CBS, shifting her into a prominent spotlight after doing good work for CBS Sports over the last year. Twitter couldn’t get enough of seeing the cute face of the former Miss Ohio Teen USA on CBS’s coverage that it exploded with enthusiasm. There will probably be a few more late night explosions as people realize they can see LaForce on Lead-Off, a live hour-long late night show on the CBS Sports Network. Pass the tissues. 

Emily Ratajkowski (photo at top)
Sometimes we need a refresher on what the prime pieces of ass out there truly are. Thankfully, we have photographers to help us out. Terry Richardson did a quick photoshoot on his blog of Ratajkowski last week with the coup de grace being the one of her topless with nothing but stickers of his face on her nipples. (I wonder if that’s really the closest his face came to those nipples.) Maybe we should embrace Richardson because we’d be doing the same thing if we could get hot broads into our photo studio. 

[image via Esquire]

Beth Behrs 
Kat Dennings may get more press than Behrs for their roles on Two Broke Girls simply because her boobs are bigger than my head, but Behrs is no slouch herself. We can see that as she gets all sorts of hot and leggy in a recent shoot for Esquire. Behrs does, however, understand why people pay attention to Dennings. She casually touched Dennings’ boob when on Conan last week and tried to play if off like an accident. I’m sure she’s had her hands on those things before in the dressing room because she wanted to feel how heavy they were. There’s no problem with being honest there. 

Alexandra Daddario 
Daddario has caught our attention before with her roles in Hall Pass and the Percy Jackson movies. She flashed again last night in the premier of True Detective on HBO. I missed the premier, but I’ll probably have to go back and watch it after hearing Daddario dropping her top for a scene this season. The born and raised New York showed up a pair of New York’s finest. Talk about Czech mate…

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